The Problem

  • When we compare something, looking at just the facts and reviews is not enough to make a decision. That is because reviews do not truly compare items with each other. So, it is hard to decide between several good choices. For instance looking at a list of 5 star movies does not help you choose one.
  • The majority of real comparison websites use only factual attributes like statistics or test data and fail to represent more subjective attributes that help us make decisions. For instance, the decision of what car to buy is rarely made by looking at the specifications and prices alone. We rely greatly on subjective attributes in our decisions such as how the ride feels (luxurious, sporty..) or how it looks (fast, safe).
  • The last step in online research often leads to a forum or discussion page where users debate between two or three different "good choices" based on their subjective experiances. This helps us narrow down from the "good choices" to "the best choice for me".

The Idea

  • The comparator is centered around community contributed attributes and comparisons which helps users decide based on what is important to them.
  • Anyone can add comparisons as well as contribute attributes to compare by.
  • Anyone can vote on which items are better based on those attributes.
  • We aim to provide a definitive side-by-side comparison view, including any links to external comparisons of the two items such as reviews, videos, discussions or articles).

The Future

  • Every site has to start somewhere. We are starting with Movies since everyone loves movies. We aim to keep adding categories as the kinks are worked out.
  • With enough side-by-side data we will roll out a feature which lets users tell us the attributes which are most important and we can pick the "Top" items personalized to you.
  • We want to make our data available through an API so that anyone who is more creative than us (not hard) can use it for their cool projects.

Current Stats

  • Number of Users: X
  • Number of Comparisons: Y
  • Number of Items Being Compared: Z

Who We Are

  • Alex Levin - Developer, Manager, and an overall quirky guy.
  • Yusuf Mohsinally - Jack of all trades, parent and easily excitable individual.
  • Unicow Inc. - Alex's company with a set of quirky projects under its belt.